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Summit, Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Medical Associates is a medical practice with a location in Oakland, California. Our doctors are Board Certified Specialists in the field of Otolaryngology, Head, and Neck surgery. We have the latest knowledge and technology for diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the ear, nose, and throat, and related structures. We offer medical and surgical treatment as well as hearing testing, hearing aids, and allergy testing and treatment. Our professional staff operates as a team, and we take pride in each staff member’s training and capabilities. We want you to have confidence in them and let them serve you fully. This site is designed to inform you about the practice and our procedures, and to anticipate your questions. The goal is to let us serve you better as informed patients. There is also a library of clinical information on various topics related to ear, nose and throat problems. The Summit ENT office is located in the Pill Hill section of Oakland at 2961 Summit Street, close to the Summit Medical Center hospitals. There are several parking lots near the office. We recommend the Summit lot, Enter on Hawthorne St. (driveway at 435 Hawthorne) or on Summit St. between Hawthorne and 30th.

Hearing Aid Center

Visit http://www.summithearingassist.com/

Office Hours

Normal office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. The office is closed on weekends and major holidays. The 24-hour voice mail service can be reached through 510.465.0941. If urgent care is necessary during non-office hours, the voice mail service will put you in contact with the doctor on call.

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Handicap Access

Wheelchair access is located at the front entrance of the building with a newly constructed ramp.

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