Appointment Information

Schedule an Appointment

Patients are seen by appointment only.

Since our doctors are medical specialists, many HMO and other insurance plans require authorization before they will pay for a visit. Please check your insurance policy for any requirements and restrictions.

We will do our best to accomodate your schedule. As we will make every effort to be on time for our patients, we ask that you extend the same courtesy to us. Emergencies, unexpected problems, and special patient needs may cause disruption in our schedule. We will try to keep you informed when delays occur, and of course we will do our best to accommodate your emergency, should the need arise.


Appointment time is reserved for you only, and you should take a few steps to insure maximum benefit. Bring lists of medications, allergies and significant medical information, along with any insurance identification and authorization numbers. If you have had a significant x-ray or other test to be discussed, help us to have copies or reports at the time of the visit. A written list of questions to discuss is often helpful. You may want to bring a family member to participate in discussions, especially if he or she will need to hear explanations of the patient’s condition and treatment. Doctors Drury, and Lewis speak Spanish, and Dr. Li speaks Cantonese, but a translator will be required for other languages.

If your problem involves impaired hearing, be sure to request a hearing test at the time of your visit, as these are scheduled separately. Bring copies of previous tests and any hearing aids you have tried. If a hearing test is part of your visit, plan to spend about two hours at our offices.


If you cannot keep an appointment, please notify the office immediately by calling 510.465-0941. We request at least 24 hours notice. This courtesy on your part makes it possible to give an appointment to another patient. Missed appointments or late cancellations will be subject to a charge for the time reserved. These charges are not covered by your health insurance and must be paid before another appointment can be made.

For more information, please see our Cancellation Policy.

Urgent Care

If urgent care is necessary, please contact our office as early as possible in the day so we can appoint you a time available within our regular patient schedule that day.